About Us
The original Velvet Slipper was born in the late 90’s in Boulder Colorado and immigrated to Houston in 2001. Upon arrival in the big city, the store, whose basis was the art of footwear, soon morphed into a destination for much more. For ten years Velvet Slipper’s curator, Vivian Wise, hosted a Salon -but not in the typical shoe salon fashion…. The store was the destination for the most beautiful, fun and fashionable shoes in the city, with clients shopping remotely before ecommerce was in full swing. It was not uncommon for the UPS driver to ship out as many shoes in a day as he delivered, to clients across the country, looking for just the right shoe.

Along with the most fantastic collection of footwear, Velvet Slipper was also a gathering place for collectors of said footwear and became an institution for art patronage of many forms.

Velvet Slipper Events became known for their whimsy, entertainment, sometimes satire, often-crazy themes. All of this happened with a mission of supporting and bringing awareness to causes that were of significant importance to many. Velvet Slipper made a real impact on the research and treatment of AIDS through these events.

A ten year hiatus has brought us to 2013 and the return of that Salon. Velvet Slipper A Go Go, directed by Vivian is the evolution of her concept. Velvet Slipper A Go Go doesn’t have an address or a stone foundation. It is an event based mobile Salon and the epicenter of artistic talent of all forms. There will be a gathering of artists from every discipline imaginable; musicians, painters, dancers, potters, filmmakers to knitters and cigar rollers. From modern to commonplace, Velvet Slipper A Go Go celebrates and applauds all these Art forms, reminding us that perspective of beauty in all forms is essential to all of us.

Velvet Slipper A Go Go is housed in a vintage International Airstream, her name is Babette. She will travel to destinations for events and host Salons and gatherings making impact on worthy causes and championing the arts as needed.

Babette also likes to shop. She has assembled a collection of accessories from all of her very valued and carefully selected sources. She will travel with limited edition, unique and one of a kind pieces ranging from jewelry to belts to scarves and all manner of décor. Babette will have a booking agent- personal assistant to plan all of her appearances. She may show up at your favorite restaurant, music venue or parking lot.